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Oct. 16th, 2011


Blackwood Creek

I know this comm seems dead, but if anyone's still watching it I thought they might like this. It's my fic for the Original Character Big Bang (oc_bigbang), and features a completely original cast with only passing mentions of canon characters.

Title: Blackwood Creek
Series: none yet, but may be one eventually
Wordcount: 54,000+
Rating: pg-13, possibly R for violence
Genre: slash, action, drama, romance, plotty
Disclaimer: I did not come up with this world, but the idea of a hunters’ summer camp is mine. I did not create the Winchesters or Elkins, but all the rest of the characters mentioned in here are mine.
Summary: Jake spends the school year living a boring civilian life with his mother, but in the summer he goes to Blackwood Creek, a sort of summer camp for hunters' children where they learn the tricks of the trade. This year, there's a new camper at Blackwood Creek: a boy named Logan who has assisted his father on many hunts but is being left behind on a truly dangerous one. Jake, who has never actually hunted before, idolizes Logan, but Logan sees Jake as a naive child. Then Logan's father stops answering his calls, and Logan attempts to run away from Blackwood Creek to find him. Jake, seeing an opportunity to prove his hunting ability to Logan and to himself, forces Logan to let him go along. Can these two half-trained boys survive their first unaided hunt?
Note: written for 2011 oc_bigbang

Link to Master Post

May. 18th, 2008


Wolf Light (Chapters 1&2/?)

Title: Wolf Light
Genre: Horror/ Romance
Word Count: 7397
Rating: R
Summary: Her mission was to show him that evil was still out there... and then she messed up. She fell in love.
Disclaimer: AHAHAHAHAHAHA! If I owned this I'd be one hell of a genius... Plus, Dean would be bloodied more.
A/N: This is a future fic set ten years after what the hunters think was their solution to the apocalypse. Of course... who's to say it's not still coming? It gets dark as it goes along. *Shrug* I can't write a story and not make it bloody.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Apr. 26th, 2007


(no subject)

Hey, peeps. Someone suggested this community may be able to help me. Does anyone remember a story with a girl that, I think, grew up next to Caleb's place and knew the Winchesters for years. When Caleb died, she took over his business. I also remember she always counted Dean's scars whenever the boys showed up at her place and had to be patched up. If you do, can you give me a link?

Thanks, yo!

Oct. 30th, 2006


A-hunting We Will Go Challenge

The world is thick with secrets, but none so dangerous as the hunting community. You don't know where they come from or where they're going,but you've felt their hand in the places where the nightmares have calmed and the only troubles on a dark road are the human kind.

But they recognize each other.

Some are known for what they've slayed; modern day Saint Georges and their pet dragons, like those that slew the last of the Donnor wendigos, or the vampire killers, as dark and canny as those they hunt. Some are known for the help they give, the shepherds of men who stand between the lambs and the wolves.

Then there are hunters whose names are remembered because of their single-minded devotion to the obsessions that consume their minds and bodies, nothing coming between them and their goal. Their names are on the lips of the hunters when they gather. Their battles become the bedtime tales for the next generation of their kind.

There are those that change everyone they meet.

Such is the life of the Winchesters and their endless chase of the demon that wronged them, and these are the tales of those they've met along the way.

Challenge: Tell a tale of the pre-Standford Winchesters from the POV of a fellow hunter you've created.
Due: November 25th
Word Count: min 1,500
Requirements: Pre-series only

Oct. 29th, 2006


Yes, yes I did

I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year. I'm going to use the Supernatural 'verse as my setting, and my characters will be unsung hunters.

Oct. 7th, 2006


(no subject)

Title: "Joining the circle".
Series: Effigy mounds and stupid college kids..
Rating: pg-13 (language)
Notes/Disclaimers/Summary: Willow is mine. The place names are real. The event is obviously fictional. I'm going about this a little differently, to help prompt myself. This (huntingwillow) is Willow's hunters journal, and she will make a post each time she goes to a new place. One hunters journal entry may spawn several stories, creating a series for whatever location she's in. SO. Each time I post, I'll link (in the series spot) the journal entry. The fake cut (obviously) will be linked to the story. Love concrit.
Word Count: 1439

( Joining the circle )

Oct. 8th, 2006


(no subject)

Serina K's Handy-Dandy Guide on how to be a successful ammunitions dealer to hunters
PG-13 | Gen | 3795 words - How to not fuck up and shoot yourself in the ass (an idiot's guide to ammunition trade).

That's right. THE Winchesters.

You know them, right? Strapping, hot lads who can take on a pack of werewolves at night with only a dull butter knife and a safety pin? Youngest one who can out-Latin the Pope?

Oct. 5th, 2006


(no subject)

Oh dear. Oh noes. Some sort of hunter-type person appears to have broken into my webspace and set up a strange blog.

Well, obviously I have far too much free time and web space but Andy is so much fun to play with. Currently PG13-to-light-R for language and brief, vague bitching about girlparts-related issues; will most likely stay in that general range.

Sep. 19th, 2006


(no subject)

Alright, so as I was writing a fanfic with these two hunters and looking through John’s journal on the official site, the two sort of merged and I started making a journal for my hunters. It’s no were near the official site’s kind of quality, but it’s the best I can do and, well, its pretty fun. I’ll probably keep adding to it.

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Alright, I reuploaded the images so they should be right size.

Sep. 18th, 2006


Welcome and Guidelines

Welcome to the Unsung Hunters' Roadhouse!

The world has no room for cowards. We must all be ready somehow to toil, to suffer, to die. And yours is not the less noble because no drum beats before you when you go out into your daily battlefields, and no crowds shout about your coming when you return from your daily victory or defeat. - Robert Louis Stevenson

Unsung Hunters fiction is set in and expanding the Supernatural Universe, and therefore all stories posted must be set in this universe.

All stories contained within are the property and copyright of their respective authors. Any recognizable terms, names, or concepts are TM Warner Bros. Television, Wonderland Sound and Vision, and Kripke Enterprises.

Here are some helpful guidelines...Collapse )

The idea for Unsung Hunters was inspired by The Common People Project, created by kielle and set in the Marvel Universe.

IP addresses are logged, there is no anonymous commenting allowed, and non-member commenting is screened.

The posts/comments within may contain profanity and/or icons that are not safe for work or your eyeballs. If you are easily offended, please be aware.