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Blackwood Creek

I know this comm seems dead, but if anyone's still watching it I thought they might like this. It's my fic for the Original Character Big Bang (oc_bigbang), and features a completely original cast with only passing mentions of canon characters.

Title: Blackwood Creek
Series: none yet, but may be one eventually
Wordcount: 54,000+
Rating: pg-13, possibly R for violence
Genre: slash, action, drama, romance, plotty
Disclaimer: I did not come up with this world, but the idea of a hunters’ summer camp is mine. I did not create the Winchesters or Elkins, but all the rest of the characters mentioned in here are mine.
Summary: Jake spends the school year living a boring civilian life with his mother, but in the summer he goes to Blackwood Creek, a sort of summer camp for hunters' children where they learn the tricks of the trade. This year, there's a new camper at Blackwood Creek: a boy named Logan who has assisted his father on many hunts but is being left behind on a truly dangerous one. Jake, who has never actually hunted before, idolizes Logan, but Logan sees Jake as a naive child. Then Logan's father stops answering his calls, and Logan attempts to run away from Blackwood Creek to find him. Jake, seeing an opportunity to prove his hunting ability to Logan and to himself, forces Logan to let him go along. Can these two half-trained boys survive their first unaided hunt?
Note: written for 2011 oc_bigbang

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*waves* I'm still here!

Thanks for posting this to the comm, I'll certainly head over and take a look! oc_bigbang seems interesting as well.
Hello! :) I'm really glad to see someone else here, especially since I have a feeling I'll be posting more.

OC_bigbang was a lot of fun! It's small, but the mods and the members are all awesome. It's over now, but if you have any interest I'd encourage you to do it next year. :)
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