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Welcome and Guidelines

Welcome to the Unsung Hunters' Roadhouse!

The world has no room for cowards. We must all be ready somehow to toil, to suffer, to die. And yours is not the less noble because no drum beats before you when you go out into your daily battlefields, and no crowds shout about your coming when you return from your daily victory or defeat. - Robert Louis Stevenson

Unsung Hunters fiction is set in and expanding the Supernatural Universe, and therefore all stories posted must be set in this universe.

All stories contained within are the property and copyright of their respective authors. Any recognizable terms, names, or concepts are TM Warner Bros. Television, Wonderland Sound and Vision, and Kripke Enterprises.

Here are some helpful guidelines so the community runs smoothly:

1) Unsung Hunters means just that. These are stories about hunters that have never appeared on the television show Supernatural. Therefore no existing Supernatural character(s) should be used except mentioned in passing. Unsung Hunters is about what it's like in the wider supernatural hunting community.

2)Gen, het, and slash are all welcome here as long as each story is labeled as such and includes a rating. There should also be warnings for excessive torture, rape, and death.

3) Try to avoid Mary-Sue-ing up the joint. If your hunter has color-changing hair or eyes or is unnaturally beautiful, they may actually be a supernatural being in need of killing and not really a hunter. Keep that in mind,please.

4) Write a story! Even though these are short looks into the wider hunting community, they should have a semblance of plot beyond a description of your awesome hunter. Even something short can have a plot twist.

Post Template
Series: (If Applicable)
Word Count:


suitable for young readers


still suitable for young readers but containing swearwords and/or anon-explicit mature subject (murder, suicide,death, abuse, pregnancy,alternate lifestyles).


strong language, violence, mild sexual innuendo, serious injuries, unsettling imagery


definite sexual innuendo, graphic violence/death


explicit sex scenes, torture, and rape

A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The idea for Unsung Hunters was inspired by The Common People Project, created by kielle and set in the Marvel Universe.

IP addresses are logged, there is no anonymous commenting allowed, and non-member commenting is screened.

The posts/comments within may contain profanity and/or icons that are not safe for work or your eyeballs. If you are easily offended, please be aware.



Great idea!

This is a totally awesome concept!!! I'm writing an AU fic that has the brothers Winchester, but also features a lot of other Hunters, from small families to entire secret societies. I am so looking forward to these fics. Waa hoo! I'll post some eventually, after I get through with my current AU.

Re: Great idea!

Excellent, welcome aboard.
Are stories already posted someplace else okay?
Sure. Just fill out the post template (in the user info), and link to where you have it stashed.
So would Caleb, Pastor Jim, and Daniel Elkins count as character that have already been on the show and so can't be used in this community? Because in the show they really just got a passing mention/death scene and I think it would be really cool to have people come up with histories for them.

I understand if that's not okay here though. I'm just curious.
No. The CW is going to be airing webisodes of Supernatural backstory at their website, which means they're fleshing out their characters themselves.

If they appeared on the show, they get a passing mention at the most. They're not to be used as the focus of a story.
Oh wow. They are? Do you know when?

And I already have an idea for a story. I love a chance to expand my orginal fiction writing, even if I'm playing in somebody elses sandbox.
I like this idea because it's essentially original fic set in a fanfic universe. Sounds like it'll be fun.
It's pretty much the idea. :) Glad you like it, hopefully enough to write something for us.
I've got some ideas, and as soon as my partner in crime comes online, I'll get her to help me sketch something out.
Ooo, I could have fun with this. *rubs hands together*
Excellent, look forward to what you come up with. :)
So, original characters on cases that are made up/have been unexplored is totaly fine?

and, um, about how long can these things be? Like, do they have to be short? ~cuz i so have a problem wiht writing things that are short...~
Bring on your epic. Just use some lj-cuts. :)
Lolo! Sweet. Thanks
like, right now. This is so awesome.
To clarify, must the content of all stories be related to the exploits of the Winchesters? Might I write Hunter X's personal adventures in any capacity, or would my story(-ies) have to include significant interludes of him either fighting beside the Winchesters or talking about them?

Also, I saw when reading the comm that some people are writing series in character-dedicated journals. Are there any restrictions to how many 'entries' (individual stories) I'd write containing a hunter character? Do multiple fics have to be connected into one long WIP? Is there a deadline for entries, or is this sort of like a fanfic100 or roleplaying comm where you can post whenever you want?

...sorry to get all questiony, but it's a really cool idea and I want to see if it's for me. :)
must the content of all stories be related to the exploits of the Winchesters?

No. The current challenge does, but the community is open to other hunters in the Supernatural universe, who may not have ever met the Winchesters.

There is no deadline for entries to the community. There is a deadline for the current challenge being hosted by the community.

Are there any restrictions to how many 'entries' (individual stories) I'd write containing a hunter character?


Do multiple fics have to be connected into one long WIP?

Only if you're posting a cohesive story in parts.

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